The decision is yours to make

The inspiration for this post came from Seth’s Blog. I have followed this prolific marketer/author for years and recommend you do the same. Seth points out in his post titled The CEO of You, that highly paid executives are highly paid because their key task is to make big decisions. Typically, these are major decisions… Continue reading The decision is yours to make

The problem with caring

I care. I care about the way I am building my business. Honesty and integrity are my go to’s every day as I work to build my client base. My goal when working with a client is to be a resource to them by relying on my fervent belief that I can help them grow… Continue reading The problem with caring

Excuse me, you left this behind

There is only one thing you can leave behind after a great sales call that you can’t be called back for. It’s one of the most important intangibles that you can’t take with you too. Whether it is a first or the one hundredth time to leave an impression you always want to leave a… Continue reading Excuse me, you left this behind