Tools for better thinking

I recently stumbled on this very useful compilation of thinking tools. Adam Amran’s website,, is a collection of tools to help solve problems, make decision and understand systems. Who could not use these guides and templates in their own personal and business toolbox? One of my favourites is the Eisenhower Matrix. I have used… Continue reading Tools for better thinking

Soft skills for living and selling

As I continue to refine the lists of Guided Topics for Living and Guided Topics for Selling, as part of the curriculum for our one-on-one Sales Counselling sessions, I had a realization. It is clear that the skills we need to navigate a good life just happen to be the same skill set that is… Continue reading Soft skills for living and selling

Getting help

Being good at something is okay. It’s comfortable. It’s easy. If you’re happy with being average and mediocre that’s okay, don’t beat yourself up. However, should you decide one day you want to get better at being in a relationship or what you do to make a living or any life endeavour, don’t ignore it.… Continue reading Getting help

If you don’t know, ask. And ask again and again…..

Never, ever, ever pretend to know. The person you are talking to will instantly know that you are pretending and in that moment your credibility is gone. Getting it back is next to impossible. It is very okay to admit you don’t know and you will find out and get back to your prospect or… Continue reading If you don’t know, ask. And ask again and again…..