Tools for better thinking

I recently stumbled on this very useful compilation of thinking tools. Adam Amran’s website,, is a collection of tools to help solve problems, make decision and understand systems. Who could not use these guides and templates in their own personal and business toolbox? One of my favourites is the Eisenhower Matrix. I have used… Continue reading Tools for better thinking

“I could never go into sales, I’m not a salesperson”

Actually, we are all sales people. We sell ourselves and others all the time, at home and at work, even if you don’t make a living in sales. Never has the case for the negative image of being in sales been better explained than in Alex Lieberman’s podcast The Founder’s Journal. Alex is the co-founder… Continue reading “I could never go into sales, I’m not a salesperson”

Soft skills for living and selling

As I continue to refine the lists of Guided Topics for Living and Guided Topics for Selling, as part of the curriculum for our one-on-one Sales Counselling sessions, I had a realization. It is clear that the skills we need to navigate a good life just happen to be the same skill set that is… Continue reading Soft skills for living and selling

Be different

To cut through the noise with your ideas, to make things happen and create change there is a simple rule to follow. By doing the thing that others don’t you will make a huge difference in your life. Call it what you want. “Going against the grain” or “Swimming upstream” is simply being a little… Continue reading Be different

Getting help

Being good at something is okay. It’s comfortable. It’s easy. If you’re happy with being average and mediocre that’s okay, don’t beat yourself up. However, should you decide one day you want to get better at being in a relationship or what you do to make a living or any life endeavour, don’t ignore it.… Continue reading Getting help

Surprises are good

This suggestion falls in to the category of under promising and over delivering. Remember the post office? That place where you would go to buy stamps or get your parcel weighed to pay for the right postage. That’s right, I am suggesting you go back in time and use good old ‘snail mail’ to surprise… Continue reading Surprises are good

Follow up

There are countless suggestions about how and why ‘following up’ is necessary when prospecting for new customers. Here are some specific ideas that you may find helpful: Do you follow up 3 times or 7 times or somewhere in between? This effort is not based on a formula so the level and type of response… Continue reading Follow up