Sales is like dating

This is a perfect example of how living and selling cohabitate. It’s perfect because it is an analogy that we can all understand. In sales we have to think about who we would like to have as a client then we have to think of the best way to approach them. The next step is… Continue reading Sales is like dating

Follow up

There are countless suggestions about how and why ‘following up’ is necessary when prospecting for new customers. Here are some specific ideas that you may find helpful: Do you follow up 3 times or 7 times or somewhere in between? This effort is not based on a formula so the level and type of response… Continue reading Follow up

If you don’t know, ask. And ask again and again…..

Never, ever, ever pretend to know. The person you are talking to will instantly know that you are pretending and in that moment your credibility is gone. Getting it back is next to impossible. It is very okay to admit you don’t know and you will find out and get back to your prospect or… Continue reading If you don’t know, ask. And ask again and again…..