"I could never go into sales, I'm not a salesperson"

Actually, we are all sales people. We sell ourselves and others all the time, at home and at work, even if you don't make a living in sales.

Never has the case for the negative image of being in sales been better explained than in Alex Lieberman's podcast The Founder's Journal. Alex is the co-founder and executive chair of a newsletter called the Morning Brew. It covers business news but in a very entertaining way because of the word play. The unique writing style just keeps you coming back for more as millions do every morning!

The podcast is only 8 minutes long. Alex agrees that we sell all the time without really knowing we are doing it. He also makes the case that maybe people look down on it because of its shady history and its image. I think this necessary skill should be re-named to climb out of that darkness. My early suggestion to call what we do for to earn a very good living is enablement, i.e., I'm not a seller, I'm an enabler. Perhaps this could be the start of a new and positive image!

Here is a link to his podcast.


I 100% agree that it is time to realize that sales is not only necessary, our economy depends on it. Maybe business schools should add an Enablement course to their curriculum to help to initiate the change?


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