Growing Together

Living is Selling is a business designed from the ground up to help people that sell for a living and business owners grow their income and revenue.

Sales Counselling

Are you a sales person who is in a rut that you can’t seem to steer out of? Are you tired of your average income? Is your sales training providing the promised results?

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned sales veteran in any industry, you will get the help you need with our solutions based one on one 45-minute Sales Counselling sessions.

Marketing Counselling

Are you the owner of a small to medium size business that no longer has the time to create and manage your marketing and advertising? Are you tired of your advertising “not working”?

Our Marketing Counselling audits will get your marketing and advertising working together to grow your sales and your business.

“Everyone lives by selling something”
-Robert Louis Stevenson

Sales Counselling

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Sales Counselling Guided Topics



Business Marketing Services

Marketing Counselling

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What others are saying

Mark Boissoneault

Tradesman Heating and Air Conditioning

“Each and every time Murray and I would meet about the business at hand, something completely unexpected but special would be shared. Not only does Murray have an open mind, he has the gift of uncovering the creativity in others.”

Jay Leslie

Full Current

“Murray (Muzz) is a true advertising pro. The man has the skills and experience to get his clients results, whether digital or traditional media. And as happens with most who meet him, we’ve become great friends!”

Joel Marcoux

Director, Business Development
Tire Chalet

“My current career in sales is due in large part to the tutelage and mentorship put forward by Murray Hill. He’s a leader – and someone who helped squeeze just a little more potential out of me, when I needed it most.”

David Hawthorne

Vice President of Marketing and Engagement
United Way of Winnipeg

“Murray is wonderful to work with. He is a true professional who understands his craft. Murray has a unique ability to understand the ever changing advertising world and how to apply the the changes in a fast paced business environment.”

Laura Hawkins

Gamemasters Escape Solutions

“You will not find anyone who approaches a project with greater professionalism or commitment than Murray Hill.”

Murray "Muzz" Hill

Living is Selling


Contact me for Sales Counselling

Insanity has been loosely defined as doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. If you want to leave average behind and make positive changes in your sales life then please, give me a call.

Imagine a brighter future and be comfortable knowing that it is always okay to ask for directions to get there. The initial meeting is free so other than 15 minutes of your time there is no risk.

Personal growth starts now!

Contact me for Marketing Counselling

For almost two years all businesses have been required to cut back on all categories of expenses. Most have had to take their eyes off of their marketing and advertising and focus on other operational needs as well.

This facet of your business is now more vital than ever. If you want experienced help to get back on track with easy to implement solutions there is no time to waste.

Business growth starts now!