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"Each and every time Murray and I would meet about the business at hand, something completely unexpected but special would be shared. Not only does Murray have an open mind, he has the gift of uncovering the creativity in others."

Mark Boissoneault

Tradesman Heating & Air Conditioning

"Murray is wonderful to work with. He is a true professional who understands his craft. Murray has a unique ability to understand the ever changing advertising world and how to apply the the changes in a fast paced business environment."

David Hawthorne

Vice President of Marketing and Engagement
The United Way of Winnipeg

"Murray (Muzz) is a true advertising pro. The man has the skills and experience to get his clients results, whether digital or traditional media. And as happens with most who meet him, we've become great friends!"

Jay Leslie

Full Current

"I recently contracted Murray to assist on a sales project. From the very start Murray's enthusiasm for and dedication to the project was exceptional. Murray spent hours doing the research necessary to learn all about our business, to examine and access the various target audiences, and to fine-tune specific strategies and precision messaging to reach each of those audiences with the key sales points.

Murray has years of experience in tackling sophisticated sales plans and we appreciated his knowledge of market influences and cycles.

You will not find anyone who approaches a project with greater professionalism or commitment than Murray Hill."

Laura Hawkins

Gamemasters Escape Solutions

"As a young, aspiring salesperson, there was nothing better than being able to observe and absorb the knowledge and tendencies of an experienced ally - not only for the crucial 'Watch out for this!' anecdotes that help avoid certain mistakes they've made on a similar path, but also for the entertaining stories. Murray Hill provided all of that - and some. He's a true pro who loves nothing more than to listen and help solve any problem in front of him. To no surprise, it's Murray's advice and mentorship that helped catapult me into a career in sales."

"My current career in sales is due in large part to the tutelage and mentorship put forward by Murray Hill. He's a leader - and someone who helped squeeze just a little more potential out of me, when I needed it most."

Joel Marcoux

Director, Business Development
Tire Chalet

Unite Interactive