Be different

To cut through the noise with your ideas, to make things happen and create change there is a simple rule to follow. By doing the thing that others don't you will make a huge difference in your life.

Call it what you want. "Going against the grain" or "Swimming upstream" is simply being a little different. The result? You will stand out in the crowd. You will be seen and heard. Your ideas and goals will be much more easily and quickly attained.

It's not that you have to be radical in your difference. If you are a person making their living in sales, consider sending something of relevance to your client by snail mail instead of e-mail. The chances of it getting through multiplies many times over! The same concept of being different applies in your personal life too. Let's say you decide to spend less money. One way to cut back is to share the cost of a new lawn mower with a neighbour.

To get what you want and need at work and at home is possible by simply making this small change. This is the basis of Living Is Selling. We live to sell and we sell to live. Mindful changes of behaviour and thinking can make a positive difference, in this case, just by being a little different than everyone else.

My Living Is Selling suggestion is simply this. Set yourself apart and you will find yourself in front of the crowd and not being pulled along within it.


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