Creative by committee

The best definition I have ever heard to describe a committee is "a camel is a horse designed by a committee"!

The best example of what a committee can do to what should be a very simple design is this hilarious video.

Although this is obviously an extreme example of creativity run amuck, this type of thing happens most of the time with a client's ad. The process always seems to get started by showing the script to a family member or the building maintenance guy to get their opinion. That is a rabbit hole than is incredibly difficult to climb out of!

It is not necessary to take something clear and simple and over complicate it. If you let that happen in your business then the next thing that your media supplier hears is "my advertising isn't working". Of course it isn't because all of the fundamentals of what makes an effective commercial has been totally lost.

The clear, simple and not complicated message here is that once we understand your business and your plans to grow it, please leave the messaging to the experts.


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