Follow up

There are countless suggestions about how and why 'following up' is necessary when prospecting for new customers.

Here are some specific ideas that you may find helpful:

  1. Do you follow up 3 times or 7 times or somewhere in between? This effort is not based on a formula so the level and type of response you get will give you that answer.
  2. Make sure you ask how your prospect how they would prefer to be contacted. Is it by e-mail, phone or text?
  3. Provide value. Ask a question about their business or industry as a way to solicit a reply. Include some relevant and current information as an attachment.
  4. Always clearly state your purpose. Are you asking for a written response a phone call or a meeting?
  5. Be genuine and authentic. If you state you have an idea that may help them then reveal what it is before you get asked. Transparency and honesty pays every time.
  6. It's okay to move on!

Do not feel you are stalking your prospect. They are not sitting around waiting for you to show up to magically solve their problems so you have to do your best to create some early trust. Just know that your biggest enemy is the status quo and your appearance implies that change may be in their future. It's a huge barrier to overcome so get creative.....without being "salesey".

I'll follow up on this post soon!


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