Getting help

Being good at something is okay. It's comfortable. It's easy. If you're happy with being average and mediocre that's okay, don't beat yourself up.

However, should you decide one day you want to get better at being in a relationship or what you do to make a living or any life endeavour, don't ignore it. If you do, you will now become average and miserable.

When you have made a decision to make a change for the better I highly recommend you don't do it by yourself because a) you now have to teach yourself about what you want to learn and b) it will take too long and you won't accomplish what you started because you will get frustrated and bored.

The solution is easy. Find someone who knows more than you about what you want to learn and ask them, even pay them, for their help. The term 'self help' is a very slow and arduous journey

At best, I am an average golfer. In any sport being stuck in the middle means that we are not having much fun doing something we really enjoy. Recently, I paid for a couple of lessons from one of the best golf instructors available. His ability to immediately see what I was doing wrong in both my long and short game and quickly show me how to do it right made the changes seem obvious. After some additional practice my next round of golf was the most fun I had playing the game in years.

So, don't be afraid to ask for help. It can make a world of difference in your performance and attitude resulting in quick returns. It's not that the quest to become better is over, it never is, but by getting help you will accelerate the changes you want to make.


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