Leave your personal baggage at home

We all have stuff going on in our personal lives, every day. Some require heavy lifting to deal with such as financial issues, a messy divorce, etc. Some are easier to fix, like the disagreement you had with your spouse last night. Any of these points of stress distract from your ability to sell as your focus isn't where it should be.

While life does get in the way of selling please remember this essential rule. Under no circumstances don't share your problems with the people you work with. Your manager or supervisor will think you are not able to perform and your peers will see you as a weak link on the team. Also, and this is the biggest rule of all. Never share your personal problems with your customers. Never.

Speaking to anyone at work about your personal baggage won't make the problems go away and even though some might seem to care they really don't. They have their own issues and it's very possible they are bigger than yours

This is not to suggest you're on your own. You have friends and family members you can and should turn to for help or at least pay attention to your story. In the worst cases you can always rely on professional help too.


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