Relationship Management

I am sure there is a course offered somewhere on this big topic. If you want to go to the head of your class without paying for the total course, this one suggestion will get you there. Of course this applies when you are hard on the sales trail or you are on the soft couch at home.

If you want to ensure a happy and healthy relationship with your boss at work and your partner at home then learn to anticipate what task has to be done before you are asked to do it.

With this highly focused attention you will not only exceed expectations you will crush them! By being one step ahead you will be seen as an independent self starter at work and one who cares, really cares, at home.

There is an element of surprise to this that goes well beyond simple good timing. The impact is total appreciation for your thoughtfulness and giving attitude. It also says you are aware of your surroundings and the needs of people in that space. Trust me on this, either directly or indirectly you will be rewarded.

Now, look around you and see what needs to be done and go do it!


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