Sales Training: What's in it for you

What to Expect From Sales Training

The best salespeople invest in themselves. When you choose to invest in yourself you become more productive, efficient and effective.

My entire career in sales always had some version of mandatory group training as a way of forced professional development. It was often repetitive, boring, and inconvenient.

With over 35 years in the industry and an insatiable thirst for learning, I've created a powerful sales training program that will build your confidence, re-energize you, and most importantly, hold your interest! My sales coaching sessions are focused on YOU and your specific needs.

This version of sales training is based on solutions. You won't find pipelines, funnels, binders or videos in these sessions. While some of these are important practices to learn for successful sales, I want you to get something out of these sessions that you can't easily find on a Google search: insights and experience from nearly 4 decades in the industry.

The Sessions

Each sales training session is 45-minutes. These remote sessions can be done over the phone, or on any video chatting platform. I know the importance of a flexible schedule, and I make it a priority to work with you during a convenient time to help you achieve growth personally and professionally.

One-on-One Chats

Express yourself openly on individualized calls focused on day-to-day and ongoing issues. These chats remove the stress of sharing your thoughts in a room full of people. Don't worry about "dumb questions" - there's no such thing - or taking up other people's time because this time is all yours! Talk to a seasoned sales professional in the comfort of your own home, office, car, park - or wherever works for you. And don't worry, I will never ask you to role play!

Personalized Sessions

Talk to me about what matters to you and we'll work together to resolve your issues. We will identify mindset and behavioural changes that can make a positive impact on your approach, attitude, and bottom line. Personalized sessions allow for engaging experiences that you will remember more than you would sitting in a group seminar consuming a plethora of information. Let's work together to improve your sales performance!

Private Discussions

Speak openly on our private calls. Every session from Living is Selling is confidential. Whether you book this session yourself, or a small business has purchased sessions for each member, all details will remain confidential.

This is a great way for groups to find weak spots in your organization. Employees who may not feel comfortable sharing details directly might feel comfortable sharing them anonymously. When I find common trends in feedback from clients, I can share the common problem with employers, but not who revealed the information.

My "Why"

I've always understood the value of sharing. The best way for me to give back to my community in a meaningful way is to teach. I loved my career when I was in sales and marketing, but a few years ago it was time for a pivot. I realized that I could combine the job I loved with my passion for sharing and give people the option of one-on-one sales training that I wish I had.

Over the past 35+ years, I have been a 100% commission salesperson working in TV, radio, newspaper, digital and outdoor media. I've had many wins and losses, but in that time I can confidently say that I learned how to do business and sales the right way, and I'm ready to share how with people currently in the sales industry.


Sales training = more sales. Investing in sales training gives you the skills to influence potential and current customers by determining their needs and offering the right solutions. You'll leave these sessions with the ability to perform better and gain loyal customers and results. Here's what you can expect from Living is Selling sales training:


People trust confident and knowledgeable salespeople. Building up your strengths with sales coaching will increase your confidence. I can help sales reps identify strengths and determine the best practices to increase sales.

Whom you surround yourself with is important. I will be a positive influence to help motivate you to achieve your goals and build up your skillset.

Ongoing Support

There is no substitute for experience in the sales and marketing industry. It takes time to learn how to handle new prospects, customers, products and services. After booking a session with me, I will always be there for follow-ups, questions, and to help you solve future problems. Ongoing support is another one of the differences between my effective sales coaching and your typical group training sessions.

Strong Action Steps

One-on-one sales training provides quality interactions between you and an industry professional. We will work on solutions to your real-life challenges, and give you a clear path to improve your sales and grow your business.

The key to successful sales is clear goals, having a strong plan of action, and being consistent. Let me help you reach your sales goals.

New Perspectives

Sometimes finding a different way of looking at a problem can allow you to let go of an issue and spend your time more efficiently. Whether your issue is with management or a tough client, understanding situations from other perspectives might allow you to level up your sales skills. Diverse thought drives innovation and empathy, plus it reduces bias and conflict. Your perspective is limited to your experience - nobody has all of the answers.

New Tools

The great thing about technology is that there is always a new, innovative tool to help you be better in both your personal and professional life. Many of these tools add great value to your sales team.

The demand on a salesperson today is enormous. Using a CRM with all of your communications, proposals, timelines and comments in one spot is a huge time saver and a brain dump. Filling these out can be tedious, but it's worth it.

There are tools for everything in sales: prospecting, communications, travel, productivity, file sharing, sales, expenses, and the list goes on! I'll tell you the ones that worked best for me, and help you figure out the areas you could use more organization.

Competitive Advantage

Taking on the initiative to better yourself through sales training gives you a competitive advantage over your peers. You took a step that others didn't and you will be better because of it. Even though you are on a sales team, you are still competing with your own team for business. My sales training will leave you motivated and give you a fresh approach to sales in an extremely competitive environment.


After leaving a group sales training session, you are typically on your own for following through with your next steps. My sales training sessions help you to stay accountable for the action steps that we set. Consistency is key to accomplishing goals. If you aren't able to commit to the steps we set forward, then we will work on finding a more realistic goal and break down what your barriers are to success.

These sessions will empower you to increase your sales performance. Plus, I'll give you a receipt to write off our sessions as a business expense. What are you waiting for? Book a call here.


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