Soft skills for living and selling

As I continue to refine the lists of Guided Topics for Living and Guided Topics for Selling, as part of the curriculum for our one-on-one Sales Counselling sessions, I had a realization. It is clear that the skills we need to navigate a good life just happen to be the same skill set that is required to be successful in our sales careers.

A short list of life's soft skills includes:

  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Resilience
  • Decision making
  • Cooperation
  • Time management
  • The only semi-hard skill I would add to this list is keeping up with basic technology!

The synergy of this list between home and work is real, as the necessary skills are identical. They are not mutually exclusive. Understanding this truly defines the concept of Living Is Selling.


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