Surprises are good

This suggestion falls in to the category of under promising and over delivering.

Remember the post office? That place where you would go to buy stamps or get your parcel weighed to pay for the right postage. That's right, I am suggesting you go back in time and use good old 'snail mail' to surprise your customers.

Everyone likes to get something in the mail. A package or an envelope with their name on it, that isn't a bill, that they didn't expect to receive has the element of surprise written all over it.

Whether you send something to their office or their home it will be appreciated and never forgotten because it is such a rare event now. You will stand out from the crowd for the cost of a stamp.

What to send you ask? This is not the time to sell. This is the time to let your customer know that you have thought about them and you respect your business relationship. Just keep it simple. A relevant article, a book, a thank you card, a framed photo, a small promotional item, even a hand written letter telling them how much you appreciate their business.

To really heighten the surprise, don't tell them you are sending them something, just do it! You'll find out soon enough that they 'got something in the mail'.


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