The decision is yours to make

The inspiration for this post came from Seth's Blog. I have followed this prolific marketer/author for years and recommend you do the same.

Seth points out in his post titled The CEO of You, that highly paid executives are highly paid because their key task is to make big decisions. Typically, these are major decisions that can have huge consequences, good or bad.

The rest of us go to work and are so busy working that we don't take the time to stop and think and decide. But what if we did? What if we decided to change how we worked and how we prospected for new clients and how we decided whether or not to keep that client?

Maybe if we slowed down to make a decision about the why we work and what we are working on, we too could be more highly paid? Even making strategic decisions in our personal lives can make a big impact on our future.

Here is Seth's list of questions to ask your self at work:

  1. What are the five big decisions on your desk right now?
  2. Would others in your position have a different list?
  3. How much of your day is spent learning what you need to know to make those decisions?
  4. How quickly can you make them?

Don't ignore or delay your decisions. You really are the CEO of you! What may seem like a small decision may turn out to be a bigger one than your thought.


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