The problem with caring

I care.

I care about the way I am building my business. Honesty and integrity are my go to's every day as I work to build my client base. My goal when working with a client is to be a resource to them by relying on my fervent belief that I can help them grow their business.

I care about my personal relationships. Without having this side of my life in order I know that it would be extremely difficult, for me, to successfully build my business. Who needs those kinds of distractions! I value my family and friends more than anything else.

I care about myself. I work hard to protect and even grow the quality of physical and mental health that I am fortunate to have. I am fully aware of how fragile these aspects of our lives really are which drives me to constantly try to do more to maintain and preserve my health.

The problem with caring is you can't tell someone you care. If you do, they won't believe you. In fact, a suspicion instantly sets in that makes it even more difficult for them to see that you care. Nobody cares that you care until enough time and effort has gone by for the other person to conclude on their own that you really are a caring person.

So, to build your personal and work relationships be patient. Continue to consistently display your caring qualities. Be authentic and in time they will get it. The result will be more quality and long lasting relationships with people that care about you!

Remember, people don't like to be sold. They like to buy. Care to give them time and attention, show them what you are made of, and they will buy in to you.


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