The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Consultant

We know what works when it comes to marketing strategies. It's no secret that marketing and advertising are the first tasks to get dropped when there are fires to be put out or big projects to complete. But what if our marketing consulting services could make it easy?

What if we could help your business determine what marketing tactics are the most beneficial for your business and offer advice to help streamline your business growth?

Not only can Living Is Selling improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies with our marketing consultant services, but we can also help you in other areas of your business.

Create Time

There are a lot of moving pieces to manage when you run your own business. From team management and customer service to big picture plans and housekeeping items, it's stressful and unsustainable to manage everything yourself. Burnout is not in the business strategy.

Hiring a marketing consultant allows you to remove that responsibility from your task list, opening up time to prioritize other aspects of your business.

As a business professional, you know there is no substitute for experience. Additionally, the marketing industry is constantly evolving. With over 35 years in the field, we can ensure your marketing strategies are properly positioned against your competitors so that your message resonates with your target audience. Let us do what we do best: keep up with new features, the latest trends and strategy adjustments.

Unlock a plethora of time that would have been used researching proper marketing strategies, finding the correct placements for your advertisements, and testing trends.

Focus on what you do best: building your brand. Give your business the best chance of success with a marketing consultant from Living is Selling!

Save Money

You can't afford to make mistakes.

Who else would you trust to get your message seen by the right people other than a professional in the marketing industry? We have a long track record of success working with businesses across various sectors. This offers us a unique, invaluable perspective to create the most effective marketing strategy for your business.

When you hire a marketing consultant, you get the benefits of a senior marketing expert without the added payroll and benefits cost of a full-time employee. Secure a short-term marketing consultant for important marketing projects to max out on the experience, connections, guidance for your team, and peace of mind.

Living is Selling will save you money by:

  • Identifying your targets
  • Determining the appropriate media placements
  • Ensuring you stick to your targets
  • Narrowing in on your key messages
  • Developing the right message for your business
  • Singling out your unique selling points
  • Evoking an emotional connection with your customers
  • Having your message seen by your targets

Hiring a marketing consultant can pay for itself by driving new customers to your business!

Increase Sales and Revenue

Remarkable experiences for customers and prospects are the key to sales growth. Marketing consultants can optimize your sales strategy with a plan built for your business.

The four ways to increase your revenue are:

  • Have more customers
  • Increase transaction size for each customer
  • Increase frequency of customer purchases
  • Raise prices

Ultimately, effective selling comes down to having customers. The first step to successful sales is brand awareness: getting the right message in front of your audience. If your target audience doesn't know and trust your brand, how will you boost your customer base and grow your business?

Solve your customers' problems. Communicate and educate to drive conversions. Be disruptive to cut through the noise! A compelling and emotional story about your product or service will stand out in the crowd and make your business remarkable.

When you work with a marketing consultant, sales strategy should align with your efforts to create a sales process that generates a higher revenue from your customers and generates new customers.

While your sales goals might look at the short-term picture, marketing consultants think long-term in setting up tactics to build strong, lasting relationships and increased return on investment. This increases the value of a marketing consultant even further.

Marketing consultants will improve your marketing campaigns to incentivize customers to spend more time and money on your products and services.

Access New Connections and Perspectives

Business is competitive. Sometimes it's about what you know and who you know. What are your business goals? A marketing consultant will help you get there with their vast connections and fresh perspectives.

With over three and a half decades of experience in the marketing industry, we have 'been there' and 'seen that' when it comes to marketing strategies. Our experiences have proved what works and what doesn't, and more importantly, we know what questions to ask and how to find the answers.

Gaining a fresh perspective can uncover flaws and open up new opportunities. When you are too close to your business, it's difficult to look at it with fresh eyes. A marketing consultant can provide you with the feedback you may not have heard otherwise.

At Living is Selling, we know where to direct you to get the most return on your investments. You will immediately get access to a network of specialists that we have built strong relationships with over the years. This is just another way to save you time and money. Don't waste your resources getting quotes and vetting businesses when you have a reliable network that can move quickly, and cost effectively according to your needs.

Get a Clear Path

Whether you are looking into hiring a marketing consultant to save time, increase sales, or get a fresh perspective, in every instance you will leave with a clear path to grow your business when you use Living is Selling.

Whether you are a freelancer, startup, or small to medium-sized business, you can benefit from our marketing consulting services. Gain clarity, direction and confidence in your marketing and sales strategies through our audits.

Make your marketing more effective. After our audits, we will work with you to properly position your business against your competitors and be seen and heard by your target market. We will work together to:

  • Set goals and benchmarks
  • Reduce waste and duplication in your marketing and advertising
  • Plan and purchase media
  • Keep your brand and image in sync
  • Monitor progress toward targets
  • Streamline your marketing processes

We will provide you with a clear strategic plan and suggested tactics to support it like:

  • Written reports with recommendations for traditional, digital, and social media marketing
  • Marketing and advertising roadmap based on your sales cycle
  • Written guide for your messaging
  • Quarterly and annual plans

Grow your business by hiring a marketing consultant to create a plan that is custom-fit to your business. We will optimize your existing efforts or drive your business to new or more profitable opportunities.

If you are looking for support in marketing, we can help you build a consistent, credible brand and messaging to reach the right audience. Our senior-level marketing consulting service has experience across a variety of marketing platforms, which will help you create a marketing strategy that works across your business and for your audience.
Growth starts here. Contact us for easy-to-implement solutions for your marketing needs.


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